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I’ve always wanted to take complete charge of my health by using an all-in-one fitness app to ignite the spark of staying active. There are already apps that assist fitness fanatics in the process, but you usually end up needing a handful of apps to access all features, which makes switching and keeping track of everything a pain. So I decided to create the ultimate, customizable app with all of the features that will not only assist ignite the flame but also keep it lit. Finally, I created a conceptual mobile app that contains almost all of the customizable features required and evolves in my healthy lifestyle path.


I had my own main problems in mind, so I decided to research and have a broad understanding of the problems other users face and gather as many as possible.

■ I read reviews of the best available Apps in the market and installed them to have a true idea about the pros and cons of them.
■ I read hundreds of real user reviews about the Apps available in App store and Play store which are mainly related to bad user experience, payment problems, late responses, and a few asking for extra features.
■ I asked 14 friends of mine who either already have a healthy lifestyle and do their favorite sport or have a more sedentary life.
■ I asked 3 trainers in my gym to see their view and the features they need to help their clients better, considering they use the gym’s app to keep track of their clients.

Some of Apps available for users and their ranking based on UX/UI and features.

Some of pain points gathered from user reviews,

” I consider myself very tech savvy and the user interface for this app is very confusing for me.”

” I’ve tried experimenting with other apps that almost all have better UI, but always lack something big, like a smaller pool of food available in their database to scan barcodes for which I find to be the main reason I use this app.”

” Basic graphics, no real progress feedback.”

” There’s no skip day, even though you are asked to set one, it never comes up. You can’t customize, I have a dedicated abs routine, so would like to replace abs day on this app, with lower body, but no real way to do that. “

“It has a decent predefined set list. It integrates with Google Fit. Exercises are done using your own body, and it lacks exercises using weights like dumbbells. It also doesn’t allow you do create a personalized workout set, except choosing the already defined ones, at least I didn’t find a way to do so. Because of the lack of weights, and basically no customization, it’s not for me.”

“App is good. But when you have a billing issue there’s no one to help. They don’t respond to your email and no phone numbers available.”

And dominant problems are difficulty in tracking calories, losing motivation after a while in home workouts or visiting gym, difficulty in finding or booking a suitable personal trainer, forgetting to track vitals, Imbalance work-life activities and less prioritizing, no knowledge of fitness exercises and how to do it properly.


After brainstorming and ideations for all possible solutions for identified user problems, empathy mapping was used to get into the users’ mind to solve their problems.
The goal is to design an all-in-one mobile app with the features listed below,

■ Setting Goals Based on Body Type – Customizable personal weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance & fitness goals based on age, sex, body type, and more.

Customizable Daily Workout Planner + Log Activity – Calendar for weekly workout programs. Program Options :
1. App Suggested workouts (exercises) and courses (video).
2. Building custom workouts from list of exercises with/without equipments.
3. Quick session suggestions depending on time and mood.
4. Personal Trainer – 
Hit your goals faster with guided workouts from a registered trainer.
5. Workout Tracker – Synced with devices e.g. Apple Watch, Fitbit,…
6. Videos of the exercises – Correct ways
7. Record, Pause, during the workout.
8. Customizable Time Tracker.

Customizable Daily Meal Planner / Healthy Food Recipes – Keeping a daily food log.
1. Meal Planner and reminders.
2. Food Recipes including calories and nutritions.
3. Intake Calorie Calculator based on body BMI and meal suggestion. 
4. Adding Custom Recipes
5. Food calories and nutritions tracker.
5. Product barcode Scanner to extract calories and nutritions.

■ Track Your Progress – See progress at a glance, or analyze nutrition & calories in detail.

Tips From Experts – Tips, Blog posts, Guided workouts, Meal Plans, Sports.

FIND GYMS NEARBY – Locations, Photos, List of Personal Trainers, and Booking sessions.



After considering all of the information, I moved on to the wireframing stage to plan the information architecture and gain a clear understanding of the project structure. Wireframing helped me to translate the required features into more understandable solutions and make the design easier to reshape in case to make some changes.


“Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The color purple is often associated with royalty, power, and ambition.” * []

Home Page

⯀ Weekly Calendar
Each dot shows the status of the planner status
Gray – not planned,
Black – Planned,
Purple – Finished,
Red – missed the goal.

⯀ Summary of planned workouts, courses, meals, Health record tracker, and reminders for each day.

Customized Workout Programs, Gyms Nearby & Personal Trainers

⯀ Finding gyms and personal trainers nearby, Booking sessions

⯀ Building customized workout plans based on body type, goals, targeted muscles, equipment, and more.

Workout Interface

⯀ Workout reports 


⯀ Videos of trainers, including different workout categories

⯀ Quick sessions based on moods, available time and more.

⯀ Filtering the courses and keeping the settings

⯀ Workout reports


⯀ Best diet plans

⯀ Daily intake calories calculator 

⯀ Meal recipes

⯀ Meal calories calculator

⯀ Barcode scanner for extracting products’ calories and nutrition

⯀ Daily meal planner based on daily calorie budget & nutrition.

⯀ Meal reminder

Health Stats

⯀ Heath stats tracker and goals reminder and reports

⯀ Diagrams of progress in reaching the goals
(weight, BMI, daily burnt and intake calories, meal nutrition)

⯀ Reports on the heath stats and goals reminder