Hi, I'm Siamak! 👋🏼

Creating Engaging Digital Products & Elevating Experiences

Freelance UX/UI Designer & Developer

Helping brands to stand out in digital era. No nononsense, to stand out from the noise, your signal should be clear and concise.​

I help companies from all over the world with tailor-made solutions. With each project, I push my passion in design & interactions, for high quality, a clear, understandable design and memorable customer experience.

UX/UI Design

I deliver strong and user-friendly digital designs. From the very beginning, we visualize and build the architecture of your service and product. Designing a digital product and service that meets your user's needs is one of our greatest priorities. 

Website / App Design

I take a user-centered approach that emphasizes usability and impact. I'm a digital product and website/App designer that blends the right story with the right technology to create exceptional experiences.

Visual/Graphic Design

I create smart advertisements, marketing materials, and page layouts. I have designed for print publications: booklets, brochures, catalogs, logos, and the like using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Brand Identity

The time has come to introduce your brand to the world. Brand identity is more than just your logo and colors. It's the key to your business strategy, message, values, and aspirations. If you do it right, potential customers will recognize how you are different from the competition.


Case Study

Lead UX UI Design

2022 - Present

Case Study

UFIT - Health Companion App

App Design - Complete UX UI Design


Restaurant App

Oishī - Restaurant Reservation & Food Delivery

App Design - Complete UX UI Design


the411 Gif

the411 - Australia - ongoing

Responsive Web Design - UX UI Design

2021 - Present

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